CrossFit Games Training Grunt Work

CrossFit Games Training Grunt Work

Hey All!

I just made a compilation video of my CrossFit Games Training grunt work.


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You Have to Do the Work In CrossFit: No One Will Help You

If you want to get better or improve your CrossFit game, you have to be prepared to do the work yourself. You can’t count on anyone to help you.

I’m trying to get better at bar muscle ups and get my ring muscle ups, as well as butterfly chest to bar pull ups. I’m working on my own to do this.

The reality is that in a one-hour CrossFit class, there’s only so much that the CrossFit coach can do, and with a dozen other people, their job is to keep everyone safe.

If you want to get better, prepare to work.

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The Importance of Grunt Work in Crossfit

Grunt work is where the magic happens. If you talk to professional athletes, they’ll tell you this. For this new year, I’m focusing on grunt work, and, to be honest, none of it is very fun.

I’ve been doing grunt work for squat snatches, deadlifts, chest to bar pulls up, deadlifts, and now ring muscle ups. Below are some of my videos I’ve made documenting this.

When you put in the work, you’ll be rewarded. Or, at least I hope so!

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