CrossFit: How to Re-motivate Yourself

For the past 2 months or so, I’ve been extremely unmotivated to do CrossFit.  My arm was messed up for a while (it’s much better now). I got frustrated with ring muscle ups. And I’ve been fighting bloating issues for two weeks out of every month–which leaves me feeling drained and blah.

Tips to Regain Motivation

I’m at the point now I need to get re-motivated. So how do you do that? Here are several ideas I’ve had:

  • If you don’t feel like working out, don’t. The workout will only be half-hearted and you’ll leave feeling like you wasted your time.
  • Do a different sport. Run, swim, basketball, biking, hiking, soccer, etc. Do a different activity that takes you away from the barbell.
  • Hire a private coach. Nothing is more motivating that having to show up and do what you’re told. Try a couple sessions for an added boost.
  • Get an accountability partner. Nothing pushes you like someone else. Set a time and place and show up and do the work!
  • Finally, let time pass.  Soon enough, circumstances will change and a switch will flip. Try not to get impatient and let time do her thing.

Staying Motivated

Am I there yet? No. Still muddling through the days one at a time, but I know it’ll come again.

After all, the CrossFit Open is 6 months away. That’s my motivation…

CrossFit Barbell
CrossFit Barbell