The Love/Hate Relationship CrossFit Women Have with their Bodies

I recently came across an article about how CrossFit women should be proud of their bodies, have less body issues than other women, and are strong. It was written very definitively about how women who CrossFit love their strong bodies.

I’m here with the counter-argument: CrossFit women have just as many body issues as other women (maybe more so since our bodies do change significantly when you continue with CrossFit). We struggle just as much with nutrition and food choices. We do care what we look like in terms of makeup. Clothes shopping is much harder with a CrossFit body.

There is one difference NOT noted in the article:

CrossFit women have a love/hate relationship with their bodies that other women do not.


  • We are stared at. Usually in a leering way, not in a healthy way. Women either are
    CrossFit hotties at CrossFit Competition doing box jumps
    CrossFit Box Jumps

    jealous or think we look gross. Men look at us like men look at other women — they just stare longer since we DON’T look like other women they see too often.

  • Clothes don’t fit. I have given up trying to find jeans that will go over my calves and my thighs. I live in yoga pants. I have given up trying to find nice-fitting T-shirts that are small but fit my shoulders. Dresses have to be the right cut or my muscles look horrible in them.
  • Food is a real struggle. Adhering to a strict diet is a test of mental strength, which after doing a CrossFit WOD which puts us on the floor, is a battle many of us don’t have the strength for. How your body looks is all about food. Period. If you don’t eat right, you won’t look right no matter the hours you throw down at the gym.
  • We are strong but still want to be delicate flowers. I am strong. I can lift heavy items. But I don’t outside the box. Why? Because I’m a woman who wants a man to lift heavy things for me when the need arises. I don’t want to have to lift MORE heavy items after the gym.
  • Our changing bodies yield body insecurities. When people first started telling me, “Hey, Jen. You’re ripped!” I didn’t realize how muscular I had become. It was definitely an acceptance process. Now, as I lift heavier, my lats are thicker, my shoulders wider, my legs bigger. It’s an on-going battle women CrossFitters face.

It’s a fact if you lift heavy weights, you’ll gain muscle. Muscle is bulk. You will look different than your average woman. Some women I know quit CrossFit because they don’t like what CrossFit does to their bodies. Anyone who tells you you won’t bulk up is lying to you. This is part of accepting your body as it does gain muscle. And this is part of CrossFit.

CrossFit will Change Your Body

Go into CrossFit with your eyes open. Learn about it. Read and study about lifting weights. Read about the metabolic pathways. Then decide if CrossFit is for you.

You all know I love CrossFit. I love what CrossFit does for me. I love how my body looks. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle to accept how I look, to not be critical, to think I’m fat, etc.

We all have baggage we carry from childhood into adulthood and from society. It’s a mindset we all have to overcome.

There’s Something about Lifting in Your Pajamas…

What would you consider the elixir of life?  Your highest fulfillment?  What you dream of doing?

Sipping a margarita on a white, sandy beach?


Climbing Mt. Everest?

Run a marathon?

See the Seven Wonders of the World?

For me, it’s climbing out of bed in the morning and lifting in my pajamas.

No joke.

At least one of my elixirs in life.  There’s more such as crushing certain CrossFit WOD’s, writing, watching my kids grow, spending time outdoors such as camping, fishing, and riding ATV’s with my family, running in the moonlight, watching bald eagles soar in the sky, etc.

Lifting in my pajamas ranks high no doubt about it.Image result for lifting in pajamas

It’s just me, the bar, weight plates, and my Great Dane.  In the garage.  Usually in the dark (cause I’m an early bird).  Alone.  Thinking.  Planning.  Living.  Growing stronger.  Each and every squat, push, or pull.

There’s no glamor.  No one watching.  No one will know.  No one judging.  Critiquing.  No temptation to compare yourself to others.

It’s slow work.  Sometimes deadly slow (can we say bench press?).  Slow, minute improvements, which cumulated over time results in big gains.

The results?  Something bigger than satisfaction.  I can’t explain it.  It definitely has a euphoric air.  Like an elixir…

It permeates the mind and takes over.

I’m a better person because of it.  It feeds a primal need I can’t explain either.

It’s beautiful.  I’m beautiful.  And I need that feeling in my life almost as much as I need water.

To function in today’s world full of evil and hatred and misunderstandings and sin.

Whatever your elixir is in life, grab onto it.  Don’t let it go.  Drink it deep.  Savor it.  Cherish it.  Nurture it.

Your life will be greatly enriched and more fulfilling if you do…