CrossFit: Working Around Injuries…

CrossFit and Injuries

I’m injured.


No big surprise.

It’s my wrist.


Same one as before.

I have no idea what I did to it besides push it too hard.  And I’m self-diagnosing.  No official injury, but it’s definitely nowhere near 100%.

I’m taking it easy this week.  Doing nothing overhead.  Nothing that will hyperextend my wrist. No Olympic lifts.  No pull ups.

CrossFit Hero Workout Hansen


Staff Sgt Daniel Hansen

The CrossFit Hero Workout Hansen fit the bill today.  It was five rounds of 30 kettlebell swings, 30 burpees, and 30 sit ups.  Named for Marine Staff Sergeant Daniel Hansen who died in Afghanistan, this workout is a sneaky one.  It seems simple at first until you start adding up the reps and the rounds.  Great burner though and one you can do easily from home.

Remember:  just because you’re injured doesn’t mean you don’t do anything.  You do what you can with what’s left.  Same thing applies to life’s tragedies and tragic events and circumstances.  Do your best and forget the rest!

When a Forced Break is Good…

Now that I can’t run or jump for one week, I’m forced to take a break from those activities.

This is a good thing.

Otherwise, I’m unsure if I would or not…

Comp Friends
Chilling with the girls!

I’ve been doing my own workouts for the past few days, focusing on active recovery.

It’s been nice.


Since for the past month I’ve been going non-stop.

I’m sure I’ll be itching to get back into the game.

But not quite yet…