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CrossFit Hero Workout DT

CrossFit Hero workout DT is one of my favorite workouts because it is so challenging. It’s heavy weight (which I love).

DT Workout:

5 RFT:

  • 12 Deadlifts
  • 9 Hang Power Cleans
  • 6 Push Jerks

105 lbs for women.

I love lifting heavy. I love clean and jerks. This is my workout.

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CrossFit: Deadlifts and DT

CrossFit hotties doing Push Jerks at CrossFit competition
CrossFit Push Jerks

DT is a hero Workout by CrossFit that honors soldiers who have given their lives for this great nation. DT is also known as one of the hardest CrossFit workouts since it involves heavy weights.


5 Rounds for time:

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang power cleans
  • 6 push jerks

Weight is 155 lb for guys and 105 for the ladies.

I PR’ed this workout (hit a personal record) by 2 minutes — only the 2nd time I’ve been strong enough to do 105 lbs. It was good, but it probably could have been better. I will add this one to my list of tests to do periodically. I like DT because it does challenge me as heavy weights is not my strong suit.

I also got some nice bruises when the hang power cleans got a bit too heavy!

I also did deadlifts for my strength since DT has deadlifts in them. It was a good combination to start off the week!

New Year’s Day…


4:30 am- 6am:  Hit the gym for a WOD and strength.  It was slow going since I’m recovering from my cold, but I did it.

6:30 am:  Walked my dog in the freezing cold.

7:30 am:  Handstand practice at home

8 am:  Breakfast

8:30 am:  Shower and dress for the day.

10 am:  Read books with kids.

10:30 am:  Errands in town.

12:00 pm:  Lunch.

1:00 pm:  Chores around the house.

This morning I did DT.  I had a coughing fit in the middle of round 2.  I also only did 95 lbs cause I knew my head was not in it and neither was my body.  I surprised myself though:  I did all push jerks unbroken–and they were easy for me!  So excited to learn this!  This means I’m stronger than I think and in 6 months I’ll RX DT with no problems!

Destroyed by DT…

DT was programmed for Friday’s WOD.  I was SUPER excited.  We had done DT last August and I had only managed 80 pounds and then dropped to 70 pounds.  I thought, “I got this, no problem.  I can RX this at 105.”

SSgt Timothy P. Davis

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and son T.J.


DT is a Hero WOD in CrossFit, consisting of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 push jerks for 5 rounds.  RX weight is 155 men and 105 women.

So I arrive at my box all psyched and ready to go.  But first we have snatch work and clean and jerks.  After 20 minutes of this, I’m a bit wiped.  So I try to Push Jerk 105 lbs.  Can’t do it.  Ok.  I can do 95.  So I set my bar up.  And get ready to rumble.

I had read online the key to this workout is pacing.  So I pace.  And by the end of round 2, I had to drop to 90.  By the end of round 3, I had to drop to 85 for the last 2 rounds.  It was still hard.  And I was super pissed off.  I was the last one done (which I NEVER am) and angry.

After 7 months, I thought I should be stronger than this.  Admittedly, the olympic weights are not my strong suit.  I am an expert at anything long and body weight.  But still, I’ve been busting my ass, attending Oly classes, and working hard.  I should have been able to RX it.  95 lbs shouldn’t have been so brutal as it was.  I should have been able to go faster.

So very frustrating.  The thing about CrossFit is there’s always something to improve upon and even at your best moments you know you could do better.  So I gotta get stronger.  I gotta push myself more.  I gotta just do it…