Thanksgiving Day 5k

crossfit babes running 5k
Running a 5k

For the third year in a row, my kids and I have run the Pelican Lakes Turkey Trot in Windsor, CO. This year, it was cold, but not snowy.

Both my daughter and I won 3rd place in our age divisions, and our prize was a pie.

It was fun, and I like the course. Proceeds go to Athletes in Tandem, an organization dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities participate in athletic events.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day 5k

  1. Good for you. I did my own version of a Turkey Trot on the treadmill. There are several races on Thanksgiving here in Illinois, but you can never quite predict the weather here – might be 50 or it might be 20 degrees with 20 mph wind. No thanks. Glad you did it for a great cause.

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