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CrossFit: The Inherent Beauty of Soreness

There is a big difference between soreness and injury. Injury is when something hurts for longer than 48 hours, and it impedes movement or things you normally could do. Soreness lasts less than 48 hours and is a sign of progression — of change, if you will.

Soreness means you are changing — in a good way.

When I do things that make me sore, I relish it, really.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days when not being able to bend over very we

ll is downright annoying. There are days I wake up and wonder why I did something so stupid like 60 back squats at 75 lbs, 100 wall balls, squat cleans, and more at a CrossFit competition that made me regret it. And there are days when I wonder why I even do this when I don’t look like I want to look and when all I do is get injured.

But when I consider the alternative, I let the feeling pass. Plus, truthfully, I don’t think I could NOT workout.

Death by Jason…

No, not Jason Voorhees.

The CrossFit Hero workout Jason.

Named after Jason Dale Lewis, a Navy SEAL, who was killed in combat on July 6th, 2007, in Baghdad, fighting for our freedoms and those of the Iraqi people.

Jason is:

Image result for jason dale lewis

By round 15 of muscle ups, I could feel the bruises on my left breast.  My bar muscle up form sucks.  I can get up but one arm always drops and I end up banging the bar almost every time.

So I slowed WAY down and didn’t finish the muscle ups because I knew I had massive bruises.

And sure enough–I did.Image result for bar muscle ups

Bruises to my breasts and beneath.

It hurts.


Plus, my arms in general are sore from doing 33 muscle ups.  So are my lats.

Combine the two, and I don’t want to do anything today.

Anyone relate?