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The Difference a Squat Makes

As most of you know, CrossFit Girl Workout Grace consists of 30 clean and jerks for time with the ladies at 95 lbs and the guys at 135 lbs. Last Friday, at our CrossFit gym, we did 30 squat clean and jerks at 105 lbs for the ladies and 145 lbs for the guys.

Let me tell you the difference a squat makes: a BIG difference. That extra little movement not only takes extra time, but it’s infinitely harder and more work. Plus, add on the extra 10 lbs, and it’s a whole different workout.

I finished in under 9 minutes, but it was definitely hard.

CrossFit programming at its finest!

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CrossFit: Benchmarks Tell You a Lot

This entire year (2019) has mainly been a battle against my body. Tweaks here and there. Days off from training. Avoiding certain exercises. The things you don’t like about training.

There have been a few bright spots here and there. I’ve PR’ed (set a personal record) for my bench press.  I PR’ed my thruster in a CrossFit competition.

And then today I PR’ed CrossFit girl workout Grace.


CrossFit benchmark workout Grace is pretty straightforward: 30 clean and jerks at 95 lbs for women for time.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve done Grace, and I knew I’d PR it, mainly because I know I’m stronger.


It can be hard after you’ve been doing CrossFit a while to keep going, to keep progressing, to keep getting stronger and fitter. It can be REAL hard. There are days I don’t want to get out of bed and workout. Workouts I look at I don’t want to do. Days I wonder why I do this.

In those moments, you need a win. Today was my win. I’m unsure how long my win will propel me forward. But it doesn’t matter — at this point, I’ll take anything.