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Partnering With Strangers at CrossFit Competitions

Recently, I posted on my challenge of finding CrossFit partners for CrossFit competitions. So, I took to the internet and found two ladies to partner with at two upcoming CrossFit competitions.

Not many other people I know (besides those I partner with) are willing to partner with a stranger they “met” on the Internet and work out with them. It does take a bit of risk, and if you’re looking to win, you’ll have to take their word on their CrossFit skill ability.

However, if you’re like me, it’s more about just doing the CrossFit competition than winning. Plus, you are helping others to compete, and you’re having fun while you do it.

Sure, you never know what you’re going to get partnering with strangers. But does it matter? Watch my videos of me working out with strangers below, and you decide for yourself!

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CrossFit Competition: Windsor Warrior 2022

I competed yesterday in the Windsor Warrior, a partner competition in Windsor, CO hosted by OFW CrossFit. It was fun. I partnered with a lady named Jill who I met there for the first time.

For CrossFit comps, it was tame. There were no real hard skills — the hardest being double unders and toes to bar. However, I did PR my thruster at 130 lbs, which was the highlight of the day.

The only qualm I had was that the competition was running about an hour behind schedule, and it was run with a military overture that I did not find appealing.

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CrossFit Competition: Women’s Wod Jam 2022

This weekend I participated in Women’s Wod Jam at CrossFit Omnia. I love this CrossFit gym, and they always put on such great competitions. Plus, they have plenty of room to warm up before the WOD, so I feel better prepared.

I partnered with a gal named Brianne. We did fairly well considering we’ve never worked out together before. It was a fun CrossFit comp, and I highly recommend it.

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CrossFit: My First CrossFit Competition

CrossFit: My First CrossFit Competition

I had my first CrossFit competition (comp) yesterday.  It was a two-person team (same sex) to raise money for KidsatHeart, a non-profit organization that sponsors foster children.

I had only met my partner once.  At my box, there just aren’t that many women who can RX so I had to find a partner.  She was very nice and we got along great and worked great together.

Toes to Bar
Toes to Bar

The first WOD was a chipper that involved dumbbell cleans, dumbbell presses, and dumbbell thrusters, which we both struggled on.  I hate these so I don’t work them, but I need to.

The Row
The Row

We won the second WOD, which consisted of 7 deadlifts, 7 kettlebell swings, and 7 cal row for 7 rounds.  We were both strong there.

Me and the Girls
Me and the Girls

Me Getting Ready
Me Getting Ready