Working Out with the Youngins…

This week we had a partner WOD.

I paired with the two teenagers in my class, ages 17 & 18, both are REALLY good at CrossFit.

I didn’t think much about it until it was pointed out to me that I was over twice their age!  They could have been my kids!

And I kept up!Image result for crossfit teens

It was a fun workout (rowing and power cleans with increasing weights), and we all kept moving.

It’s inspiring to see kids busting their butts and staying healthy, and it kiboshes the myth that this generation of kids just sit in their rooms in front of some type of screen.

My heart was warmed and my spirit soared.

An awesome reminder that CrossFit is for everyone and grants the participant more than just a good workout.

Weekend Warrior


Yesterday, I did another CrossFit competition. It was a partner comp with one male and one female. This one was local, held at Official Fitness in Windsor, CO.

Like most CrossFit competitions, this one had 3 workouts and a floater and a final if you made it. We finished in fourth place by just a hair.

My partner, Alex, and I make a great team.  Our strengths and weaknesses complement each other and it’s always fun to work out with someone who 1) pushes you and 2) wants to win as much as you do!  The great thing about partner workouts is you work harder so you don’t let the other one down!  I definitely did, and I know he did as well!

It was a great time. The day was bright and sunny. My kids were able to come and watch because it was so close to our house.  The other competitors were amazing athletes.  Official Fitness was a welcoming, warm box.  Hanging out with other athletes is always inspiring.

In addition, I added more bruises to yesterday’s.  It was a great warm-up to the Open (which is happening in 5 days and I’m not ready!!!).  And I was blessed to spend time with some of my favorites athletes from my own box, CrossFit Endure!  Thanks for cheering us on guys!

CrossFit: My First CrossFit Competition

CrossFit: My First CrossFit Competition

I had my first CrossFit competition (comp) yesterday.  It was a two-person team (same sex) to raise money for KidsatHeart, a non-profit organization that sponsors foster children.

I had only met my partner once.  At my box, there just aren’t that many women who can RX so I had to find a partner.  She was very nice and we got along great and worked great together.

Toes to Bar
Toes to Bar

The first WOD was a chipper that involved dumbbell cleans, dumbbell presses, and dumbbell thrusters, which we both struggled on.  I hate these so I don’t work them, but I need to.

The Row
The Row

We won the second WOD, which consisted of 7 deadlifts, 7 kettlebell swings, and 7 cal row for 7 rounds.  We were both strong there.

Me and the Girls
Me and the Girls
Me Getting Ready
Me Getting Ready