CrossFit: CrossFit Hero WOD Bulger

This CrossFit Hero WOD had everything in it: a push, a pull, a squat, and cardio/run.

It is:  Ten rounds of:  150 m run, 7 chest to bar pull ups, 7 front squats at 95 lbs for women, and 7 handstand push-ups.

Named after Corporal Nicholas Bulger who died in 2009 by an IED in Afghanistan, this WOD is perfect in every way.  I stricted all the chest to bar pull ups.  The temperature at 4 am was amazing.  I love being outdoors under the moonlight working up a sweat.  I just love working out.  With really great moves and feeling like I’m accomplishing something with my body.  Constantly pushing and striving and achieving.

I really can’t explain it beyond that…



CrossFit Hero WODs: Slowly Working My Way Through the Heroes

Performing Hero WOD’s are a small way to honor those who died so we can still do whatever we want to do when we want to do it–including workouts.  They are always challenging.  Usually fun.  Usually long and hard.  Just what I like in CrossFit.

Today was Zembiec, named after US Marine Corp General Douglas A. Zembiec who was killed in Baghdad in 2007. This hero Wod consists of 11 back squats, 7 strict burpee pull ups, & 400 m run.

This one was good.  Perfect for my strengths.  The run was easy after Yesterday’s run with a medicine ball.  The back squats were lightweight (125 lbs for women).  The burpee pull ups were low reps.  Great burner and a mental lift.  Just what I needed!

Thank you to General Zembiec who died for me.  Thank you to all who serve!  I know words are never enough, but it’s something we can do for you who do so much for us.