USAW Olympic Certification Course Level 1 Review…

Recently, I took the USAW Olympic Certification Course Level 1.  For my own personal edification.

My one take away:  I wish I would have started with Olympic lifting before CrossFit.

The course was amazing.  I had amazing trainers who know their stuff.  I got good, honest feedback on my moves.  I learned how to properly teach the clean and jerk and the snatch and their progressions.  And I learned about the sport, which before I had not known much at all.

Honestly, I left mad.  Mad at myself for not doing this sooner.  Mad at myself for not getting educated before I started CrossFit.  Mad how I have to start from scratch to learn proper technique in some regards.svetlana_podobedova_2012c

I also left grateful.  Grateful I now know my kids need to do Olympic lifting before CrossFit.  I need to find a coach who knows what he or she is doing.  And now I know if the coach knows what he or she is doing.

One of Oprah’s sayings I never forget is:  when you know better, you do better.  Well, now I know.  And better I shall do.

Update on Diet…

God, I hate that word.


Such a negative connotation.

But an unavoidable one as I can’t think of a proper synonym.stock-photo-balanced-diet-healthy-food-on-wooden-table-590825882

So my “diet” is going well.  Perhaps too well.

I’ve lost almost 8 pounds in two months.  I’ve definitely leaned out that’s for sure, which was my goal.  However, I need to keep my strength gains going so I don’t want to lose anymor.

It’s a delicate balance and one I still need to tweak.

But seeing results is a good thing.  And I feel much better than I did with excess fat due to unhealthy eating habits.

Now the problem with eating outside of my diet (like cake and ice cream on my daughter’s birthday) is the horrible stomach pains I feel afterwards.  Yuck!

Response To Change…


Conflicted as the night

Troubled—to the point of flight

Heavy-hearted—that is true.

More accurately—very blue.

Nothing fun in change.

Rocking the boat—always strange.

“Wait and see.”

Blah! I’d rather plea,

“Say it ain’t so.”

I can’t deal as you know.

Luckily, time never stops

Ending all the flips and flops.

“Could be better than you imagine”

I believe that as much as a dragon.

Nothing to do

I have no clue.


And on I press.

Written when I found out my box was being sold to new owners.


“What Do You Do on a Saturday?”

I go to a CrossFit box all day and beat myself up.

At the end of the day, I have bruises all over my body.  I can’t walk.  And I can’t lift my arms over my head.

This is the result of a CrossFit Competition.

It was a good Saturday, indeed.


Just 10 More Reps…


CrossFit Tip of the Day:

I tell myself this in every workout.

Just 30 more reps.

Just 20.

Just 10.

If you think of it like that, every workout is easier.

And workouts like Murph doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

The Ebbs and Flows of CrossFit


My comp on Saturday really brought me down.  It’s depressing to think you’re not as good as you think you are.

I was sore all day Sunday and Monday.  I had to push myself to back squat and drag myself to the box this morning.

I go through these ups and downs periodically with CrossFit.  Pushing myself so hard mentally mostly that I crash.  I’ve been getting up early, lifting in my garage, going to the box before class, lifting and training there, doing the program and the WOD every day since May.  I’ve done 3 comps in 8 weeks.  I’ve honed my diet and lost 8 pounds and am toned.  I did a bar muscle up course and now a toes to bar course.

I’m reaping the results physically but mentally it’s rough.  I fight the thought This is NOT worth it many times a day.

The Open is coming in 4 months, and I literally want to crush every workout so I can’t back down now.  But some days I want to.  And today was one of those days.exhaustion-759x1024

But I dragged myself.  I had a good WOD workout.  It wasn’t my best cause I was sore.  I PR’ed my overhead squat, which didn’t make me feel any better.  And I did it.

It wasn’t easy.

But nothing in life worth doing is ever easy.

And it’s those who persevere that come out on top.

My First Individual Comp…

I had high hopes.

And I finished in the middle of the pack.

The 3rd Annual Monster Mash Competition at CrossFit Sanitas was at a much higher level than my previous comps.

And I had to do all the work myself–totally different story than when you can play off of others’ strengths and get rests in the middle of a WOD.

Also, your weaknesses are more pronounced.

I could only power clean 125 lbs on the ladder. The winner did 155 lbs.

My rowing (another weakness) is terrible and the WOD was so short I couldn’t make it up.

I got no-repped a couple times. And 2 of my judges miscounted. That sucked. And I was in Heat 1 every time so I had the disadvantage of not being able to watch others.

I had to throw an 80 lb ball over my shoulder, and I struggled. I’ve never done that before and it was heavy and by the time I figured out the technique the 3 minute WOD was over.

Overall, I had fun. It was a learning experience. I’m exhausted. Majorly. Big difference between doing all the work yourself versus sharing the load with a partner. I’m disappointed in my performance, but I gotta give it to the other gals–they’re good.

The best part: a cool Halloween-themed tank!