Running in Colorado: A 5k That Was in Actuality a 5 Mile…

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Running in Colorado:  A 5k That was in Actuality a 5 Miler…

“I haven’t been to Winter Park in 18 years.  There’s a 5k there this weekend.  Let’s run that one.”

This is what I remember saying to my kids when I was looking for a Fourth of July 5k to run.  I don’t like running a 5k on July 4th per se because they are extremely popular and I prefer smaller races.  Hence, this one up in Winter Park, CO, appealed to me.  And I hadn’t been there in so long I wanted to go.

I signed up my oldest daughter and myself, leaving my other two kids to decide on that day.

After an early morning stop at Starbucks and a two-hour drive, we arrive in Winter Park at 7 am.  At the sign up station, my oldest daughter grabs a race course map and notices at the top it says “5 mile race course.”

Aghast (since I had no intentions of running a 5 mile), I ask the lady.

Sure enough.  The race is a 5 MILE, not a 5k.  My mistake.  I suppose I had 5k in my brain and the rest filled in the gaps.

After debating all of our options for over 30 minutes, we finally decide to run with my other two kids riding bikes since we had planned to mountain bike after the race.

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My time was good:  38:19.  I beat my daughter by over two minutes.  It was an all downhill course so it was fast.

Scenic?  Somewhat.  We ran the Fraser River Trail (a trail that goes from Winter Park to Fraser, CO) for the first 3 miles or so and then we had to run through the town of Winter Park and finish at Rendezvous.  Passing the McDonald’s in Winter Park was not my idea of scenic.

About 3/4 of a mile from the finish line, my son catches up to me and follows me on his bike, giving me minute-by-minute commentary on how much further I had to go.  The finish was one of those where you could see the tent, but you had to zig-zag around a pond.  At some point, I told my son to stop the commentary, so I could concentrate.

I did not win a prize (I came in 4th for my age group), but my daughter came in first despite the fact I beat her (read hissing-mad here).

Next, we take the shuttle back to Winter Park and unload our bikes to ride the trails.  However, my daughter’s bike seat was twisted and mangled.  Having come all this way, we all wanted to ride.  So my son and her switched off every mile or so in a hilarious attempt to ride a bike with a broken seat.  I spent the whole ride laughing.

Near the end, I decide to take a shortcut back to the truck.  This shortcut was indeed shorter, but it entailed a trail of all uphill where we basically pushed our bikes the majority of the way.

Overall, a very memorable day.  I did well in my race with a 7:40 pace despite the fact no fiber in my body wanted to run 5 miles.  We got in a great, scenic bike ride with plenty of entertainment value–all fueled by donuts the sponsors of the race all but shoved down our throats at every opportunity.

The Rendezvous Run for Independence was great fun, and mountain biking in Winter Park is an amazing experience.

In the future, I will be sure to READ race descriptions closer.  As for next year, I’m unsure if we could top this one!

CrossFit: CrossFit Hero Workout: Bruck

CrossFit: CrossFit Hero Workout:  Bruck

It’s been two days since I’ve done this Hero Workout, and I’m still sore as heck!  My entire shoulders all across my back.  My arms.

Four rounds of:  400 m run, 24 back squats at 125 lbs, and 24 push jerks at 95 lbs.

This hero workout is named after US Coast Guard Petty Officer Nathan Bruckenthal who died in 2004 in Iraq after the boat he was in exploded.

I was seeking a workout with some squats and a run and thought this would be easy and fun.

It was far from easy.

95 lb push jerks are heavy for me and you do the math (which I didn’t until afterwards) and I did 96 reps for a total weight moved of 9,120 lbs overhead and for the back squats total weight was 12,000 lbs.

I had never sweated as much as I had in my life as I did doing this workout (of course it has been very hot here in Colorado).  It was dripping in my eyes, coated my stomach and backside and drenched my shorts.

It fit the bill of what I was looking for.  Great workout.  Hard work.  And definitely lived up to a CrossFit hero WOD–tough and memorable–in honor of Officer Bruckenthal.

Moons and Me

Sweat beadsImage result for moon and me

Like sparkling diamonds.

Moon shines

Soliciting attention.

Heart rate slows

Thirst appeased.

I’m alive.

Quintessential contentment.

Again and again and again…

Never stopping till life does.

Moving, striving, reaching…

Till all achieved.

But will it ever be?


I’m Unsure Why I’m a Glutton for Punishment…

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The Granite Games.

For some reason, I signed up for this.  I know, I know.  I just bemoaned THIS.

Unsure why.

I don’t care about the results because I’m under no delusion that I’d actually qualify.

I think I just wanted to see how I did amongst my peers.  Currently, for my age group, I’m 33rd (we’ll see how far I fall once all the scores are in).

This is Week 2 of two workouts we have to complete and working out non-stop is beginning to take its toll.  We did Workout #3 on Friday night and Workout #4 today.  It definitely wasn’t my A game today and took everything I had just to keep moving through the reps.

I went home, ate, and napped.  All my pets napped with me.  Then I laid around all day, reading a book to my kids who are under the weather and being overall lazy.

The last week is coming up, and we find out on Wednesday what the last two workouts are.  Then…done!

Just in time for the 4th!



On the Other Side of Darkness…


A recent lunar eclipse at my house

The summer solstice is over.


Call me a vampire, but I like the dark.

I like the dark in the morning. I like the dark at night. I like the dark all the time.

I like to workout when it’s dark. I like to walk my dog when it’s dark. I like to be out in the dark. I like coming home and it’s dark. I like going to bed and it’s dark.

I like candles. Lots of candles. That light up the dark–but in small patches.

I like the coolness of the dark. I like the quiet of the dark. I like how the dark chases others in.

Ah, darkness…welcome back!

And So the Winds Change…

Yesterday, I accepted a job offer.

A dream job really.

Someone is going to PAY me to blog.

And to learn SEO, marketing, Google, design, etc.

My excitement is immense.

My attitude is a 180 degrees from blah.

I can still run my kids around.  Work out.  Do everything I’ve been doing…

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

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The Ebbs & Flows of “Blah”…

Image result for blahI’m feeling “blah” again.

In all aspects of my life.

Crossfit.  My muscle ups aren’t where I want them.  Same with handstand walks.  Dumbbells.  Pretty much every move I need to work on.

Career.  Trying to decide what I want to do for the next 25 years.

Diet.  Still a struggle most days.

Family.  Good except for constant teenage bickering.

Spiritual.  Could always be better.

Attitude.  Same.  Blah.

I am getting my hair done today.  It’s been a while and is overdue.

Check off one good thing!!